V. Mohanlal, Chairman
One of the most renowned Indian Film personalities with solid interests in investment in the country’s emerging service sector industry

N.A. Mohammed Kutty , Managing Director
A Post Graduate in Arts & Masters in Philosophy and MBA has more than 35 years of experience to his credit in various industries in India and overseas.

Board of Directors
1. V Mohanlal, Chairman (Renowned Indian Film personality)
2. N A Mohammed Kutty, Managing Director
3. V.K.A Mohamed Asharaf
4. Thekkil Muhamed Shafi
5. P.M.Hassan Kunhi
6. M.K Mohammed Haneefa
7. Dr.Abdul Rahim Salim
8. K. Abdullah Habeeb
9. N M Naushad
10. Valiyathu Thomas John
11. P.Mohammed Ashraf
12. Varghese Thomas
13. K. H. Salavudeen